Top 30 Richest Rock Stars In The World 2024

Top 30 Richest Rock Stars In The World Right Now
Top 30 Richest Rock Stars In The World Right Now

Ever wondered how much the rock stars earn as they influence us to the extremes with their amazing vocals. If they are making you scream and make you wild with their music, remember they know their worth and they get highly paid for each album, musical tour, photoshoot, or any advertisement.

Their on-stage presences are extremely special and their concert tickets have been really expensive over the years but people buy, they are not going to stop because seeing them live is such a fortunate moment in fact historical moment. Most of these vocalists are older enough as they were at their peak fame in the 20th century probably in the 70s or 80s.

Paul McCartney is one of the richest musicians in the world right now, who has an estimated net worth of $1.2B, thanks to his real-estate business, MPL company, which has various musicians/bands catalogue rights, and to his music royalties.

After McCartney, Eric Clapton, Adam Clayton, and others hold the position respectively the top 30 richest rock stars have been either performing for decades or years. They’re in the playlists of the rock music lovers and their passion, potential has brought them to this status where they can buy anything they want, can travel anywhere they want to in fact they doubled their money with investments and businesses. The ‘rich’ look of theirs is being highly admired by their fans and followers. Let’s have a view.

RankRock StarsNet Worth ($)Country
1.Paul McCartney1.2BUnited Kingdom
3.Jimmy Buffett600MUnited States
4.Bruce Springsteen500MUnited States
5.Elton John500MUnited Kingdom
6.Keith Richards500MUnited Kingdom
7.Mick Jagger500MUnited Kingdom
8.Eric Clapton450MUnited Kingdom
9.Jon Bon Jovi410MUnited States
10.Adam Clayton400MUnited Kingdom
11.Gene Simmons400MIsrael
12.Sting400MUnited Kingdom
13.The Edge400MUnited Kingdom
14.Bob Dylan350MUnited States
15.Lars Ulrich350MDenmark
16.Ringo Starr350MUnited Kingdom
17.Dave Grohl320MUnited States
18.Roger Waters310MUnited Kingdom
19.Anni-Frid Lyngstad300MNorway
20.Björn Ulvaeus300MSweden
21.Dave Matthews300MUnited States
22.James Hetfield300MUnited States
23.Larry Mullen Jr.300MIreland
24.Phil Collins300MUnited Kingdom
25.Robbie Williams300MUnited Kingdom
26.Rod Stewart300MUnited Kingdom
27.Charlie Watts250MUnited Kingdom
28.Don Henley250MUnited States
29.Benny Andersson230MSweden
30.Billy Joel225MUnited States

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