REVIEW: Avril Lavigne – ‘Bite Me’ Song

REVIEW: Avril Lavigne - Bite Me Song
Photo: Avril Lavigne - 'Bite Me' Cover art
REVIEW: Avril Lavigne - Bite Me Song
Photo: Avril Lavigne – ‘Bite Me’ Cover art

Avril Lavigne has made a comeback! Her new single, “Bite Me,” was released on 10 November 2024 and is due to be featured on her album scheduled for release in 2024. It was co-produced by none other than rocker Travis Barker and the Canadian pop-punk singer left me captivated by this luring tune and notable powerful metal delivery.

Listening to her new single, my mind was automatically plunged through her previous masterpieces and historical brilliance, and right back to her first singles in the early 2000s. The song is loud and somewhat grungy, and the punkster rages with raw emotion and intention. Her ability to belt out smash-hits with sharp vocals has always forged respect amongst melomaniacs, including me.

Undeniable naivety is evident in this tune even as she rages on about an ex-boyfriend, forms a coalition with some interesting-looking characters with baseball bats, including Barker, and goes off to find the person in question. Despite the serious level of vulnerability, there’s just the right amount of attitude. Confidence oozes out of these lyrics and presents the very essence of what the single is about, ‘knowing your worth!’

If you are a die-hard Avril Lavigne fan, your gratitude for the sincerity in this piece of poetic justice will go up a notch. Her ability to identify with her audience through deep and catching lyrics has made Lavigne a pop-punk hero in my eyes.