Why do Websites Review Online Casinos?

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There are many websites that have dedicated their focus to reviewing Internet-based gambling sites. These websites are becoming more popular as more surfers start to trust the verdicts they pronounced. Yet, what service do they perform and what value does it play in the online gambling industry?

Brief History of Casino Reviewers

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In the early 1990s, several US bookies went offshore and started legal online gambling projects. Some offered sports betting, and casinos, others included horse racing betting, and a few extended to bingo and poker rooms. This established what we know today as the online gambling industry.

Around the same time, a Russian developer created a virtual gaming software that allowed for an independent and unique web interface. This allowed anyone with a small budget to rent the software and be independent of the other remotely hosted sites. This drove every Tom, Dick, and Harry, scrambling to start a casino.

Then it happened! Clients started to win, and the casinos were slow on paying or disappearing overnight. The complaints flooded the internet and the newspapers, and customers were jittery about playing offshore. To secure business a group of casinos led by then betting giant, Bet On Sports, created the first gambling review website, called the OSGA, or the offshore gambling Association.

The OSGA, Bill Dozer, and SGN COM

The OSGA led the way by reviewing each registered or financially strong casino and dealing with gamblers where their payouts were guaranteed. More review sites popped up, and the industry took a purge from fraudulent bookies.

One such advocate was the famous Bill Dozer who started the sportsbook review, SBR and became a popular hunter and publisher of poorly financed casinos. Along with the SBR, a third review website SGN COM was the first to publish a gaming license, which eventually caused gaming software owners to lease only to registered corporations.

The work of the review site

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Review sites have taken on the role of volunteer regulators, rating or describing the benefits and disadvantages of playing with an online casino. The job begins with establishing the criteria by which the gambling companies will be evaluated. Some well-known issues are casino games, customer service, payout, and bonuses.

After establishing the rating system, the review site may decide to create a review using one of three methods

  1. Become an affiliate of a licensed casino: this is a common method and the review site benefits when a member joins through their affiliate link. Users can still trust the review although it will be a selling pitch. However, since there are established criteria, each casino must qualify.
  2. Receive a free account and test the website: Playing around the casino is used to determine the look and feel, signup process, payment system, and customer service. These websites are the most respected as they benefit from search engine traffic and member recommendations.
  3. Paid Review: Some websites charge each casino for the actual review. There may be some padding for heavy bidders, but they must equally meet the established criteria.

How do users benefit from modern review sites?

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More and more players are turning online for their gambling pleasure. Most newbies may seek a forum’s advice before diving in.  the review website makes sure that the user knows what to expect from a casino.  Here are the main criteria used on review sites

  • Online casino bonuses

What do players love more than a hot casino game? That’s right, casino bonuses. In the review, casinos-online.co.ke brings to light a world of endless promotions and bonuses. The visitor can find detailed bonuses, the size of the bonuses, and even the rules governing special bonuses.

Some bonuses are given on first deposits, reloads, and special time promotions. However, they also give no deposit bonuses, these bonuses help the player try the look and feel of a casino, and test the games and speed.

  • Casino Support and Payment Methods

Players prefer to be left alone with their top online casino games, however, they like to know in case of an emergency, there is the live customer support that will respond promptly. Most of them provide 24-hour support and immediate response to client’s queries.

  • Casino Games

Besides the business presentation of online casinos, there is a detailed review of the available games, how they work, and their look and feel.

  • Online Sports Betting

Some offer more than just casino games and may brandish other forms of online betting. Online gambling includes casinos, sports betting, horse racing, poker, and bingo.

Sports betting is offered by some of the online casinos being reviewed. This is a form of gambling where popular and regulated sports events are made available for betting. People may choose a game-winner, a total of points or goals scored, or decide whether or not a favored team can beat the other by the spread created by the betting house.

Online gambling is predominantly a leisure and pastime, even though there are gamblers who do this as a profession. Are they better at winning than most? Not really. The game can still go either way.

Some of the most popular events covered by online gambling include football betting, baseball wagering, betting on basketball, soccer betting, and boxing wagers, among other events.

Negative Review Points of Online Casinos

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Reviews must include both the positive sides of a casino and the negative points. Some casinos may not take cryptocurrencies, or may not offer 24/7 customer services. This will help the user be ready when using the betting site. Even though some reviews won’t consider negative points, the absence of a criteria point will open user attention.

Online casino review platforms have set out on a golden path to help players find great and secure online casinos. Each review will assure that fewer scams and frauds occur in the online gambling industry and bring a recognized group of trusted online casinos to the threshold.