6 Reasons To Do Promotion Of An Instagram Page In 2024

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If you haven’t started to promote your IG page yet and right now are looking for the methods you can use, this article is exactly what you need – in it you will be able to find decent explanations about why you shouldn’t be choosing free promotional options to rely on, which paid options are nice and when is the best time to use them. All of that is going to be packed into “6 reasons why” for better understanding. We will also cover the topic of using a chance to buy Instagram followers from Viplikes and why these can be very handy to start off on the platform and will also talk about some other inefficient promotional methods, such as commenting and activity chats. Let’s begin!

Reason 1: it will save you a lot of time

Some people hopefully claim that they can do everything by themselves – by simply spending some time online and interacting with people who might feel interested in the content that they post. Sadly enough, in 2024 this is not true at all, as today people prefer reading and following only the content that’s interesting to them. However, in the beginning everybody needs to gain a pool of followers that is going to prove that their posts are worthy and appealing.

Reason 2: it will save you a lot of effort

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All the free services take a lot – let’s say you’re willing to use commenting and activity chats to make your profile more visible. The key here is that you’d have to spend tons of time online talking to people in the comments or talking to other content creators in chats, asking them to support you and giving them the same thing in return. What’s left for generating content and interacting with the subscribers whom you were able to attract? Literally, nothing. So it would be better to leave these methods behind because of that and start investing (little by little) into something that is actually going to work.

Reason 3: it is safe

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Paid third party services such as an opportunity to purchase subscribers are completely safe – these don’t require any of your personal data, the paying methods are secure and you’re able to cancel the subscription any time you want. At least this is what you have available on Viplikes, we cannot say the same about any other promotional websites. We take care of the services we deliver, so you can stay calm no matter how many promotional packages you’ve chosen to get delivered to your page in the shortest period of time. There will be no suspicious activity on your page as well, but about that we’re going to tell in the following paragraph.

Reason 4: all of the followers you’re going to get are real

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Yes, the key to success while using paid third party services is to make sure that you’re acquiring genuine followers or likes or whatever you’re here to buy: all of them should come from actual living people who use the platform daily. This condition should not change, no matter if you’re relying on purchasing followers to promote your page or if you’re choosing to take on PR from actual bloggers or thrive by using targeted ads. All the people who come to your page have to be real, otherwise there will be no chance for you to show a positive impact on your page’s statistics, which can lead you into no good place. Many indecent promotional websites use bots and fakes to reach the results that their clients want, but this is the worst strategy ever. Avoid these websites and never settle for bad quality services, as later you’re going to feel sorry for that while needing to completely redo your IG page and start from scratch all over again.

Reason 5: you don’t have to spend time planning

Paid services take the planning away from your schedule – you can take on subscriptions that are going to deliver a certain number of subs, likes and comments to your page every week, day or month. The same goes to the PR from bloggers: all you need is to find them in the first place, agree on the terms and conditions of your promo first and then you will be fine coming to them from time to time, asking for a lift by a promo in stories and posts. You can work with bigger bloggers and the smaller ones, and while working with the smaller ones you can make it free – if you’d choose to mutually PR each other in your profiles.

Reason 6: you can organize a complex promotion

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All the paid options work best when combined with each other – if you purchase paid followers, don’t forget to add some likes and comments to them. This way you’d achieve a more balanced look of the profile, and nobody will have any questions about your page’s decency and naturality.

If you’re working with some big bloggers and pay them for PR, don’t forget to reach out to the smaller bloggers as well; experience shows that most of the time they have a more loyal and interested audience, which you’d love to showcase your content to as well.

If you’re setting a targeted ad, don’t forget that it is best done at the end of your “first promotional campaign” – otherwise people coming to you from a target won’t feel so sure about subscribing to a half-empty page. Make sure that you have filled it with decent content and with an initial pool of followers, likes and comments. This way people won’t question whether your stuff is helpful and worthy, they will just subscribe and track what you’re posting to make a final decision.


Free promo options are still out there for the users of IG, but right now they don’t bring nearly as good results as the paid services do. Get ready to invest into your page’s future success little by little and the payback is really going to astonish and amaze