Things To Do In Loire Valley


For many people, Paris will be the first synonym when they hear about France. While it is one of the most popular cities in the world, France has a lot of other attractions. If you are planning to visit this country, Loire Valley is the part of it that you should not miss. This valley is located in the western part of the country, and the biggest cities in this region are Tours, Nice, and Bordeaux.

The great thing is that it is relatively close to Paris, and you can choose different types of transport to travel there, such as a bus, train, or rental. Also, you should read more about organized tours where you can enjoy many attractions while learning more about them from the guide. Here are the best things to do in Loire Valley.

1. Wine-tasting Tour


It is not a surprise that this is the first thing that we will mention because France is known as one of the world’s biggest wine producers. That is especially related to Bordeaux, the part of the Loire Valley. Therefore, this area offers perfect conditions for wine production. According to some research, the wine industry in this area is over 2,000 years old.

There are different regions in this area that you should visit, like Pouilly-Fume, Sancerre, Chinon, Muscadet, and more. There are numerous cellars, and the best option, if you are travelling there for the first time, is to have a guide to help you get the most out of your trip.

Moreover, you should expect each cellar tour to last around two hours. During that time, you will have a chance to test more than 15 types of wine and listen to interesting stories about the history of each sort.

2. Check out Cathedral in Chartres


France is known for its long and turbulent history. Nevertheless, it has one of the most interesting stories about the medieval ages. UNESCO protects the cathedral, and it represents a perfect design when it comes to the medieval ages. The structure is amazing. It was built more than 800 years ago. Also, you will have a chance to see the piece of cloth that is believed to belong to the Virgin Mary and that she was wearing it when Jesus was born.

There are also many museums in Chartres where you will learn more about the history of this place. We suggest you visit the fine art, workshop, agriculture, and military museums. Moreover, you will find a lot of small coffee shops, stores, and restaurants where you can enjoy amazing local cuisine and get a nice souvenir. Some of the places where you can stay are quite unique as well, especially the Le Jardin Cathedrale, Centre Cathedral, and Le Boeuf Couronne.

3. Visit Amboise


This is a perfect solution for people who want to escape the urban parts of France. The whole city keeps the medieval spirit with numerous buildings from this period that are kept in the same way for hundreds of years. It is located near the Loire River, and the interesting fact is that people never installed any upgrades to control the river, like a dam, or embankment. Therefore, it will be quite a journey to walk along the river.

4. Learn More About Leonardo Da Vinci


While Da Vinci spent most of his life in Italy, there was a period when he was living in Amboise. He worked for the King of France at the beginning of the 16th century. He was working as an engineer, painter, and architect. You can visit Le Clos Luce, where Da Vinci lived during that period. Also, the Chapel of Saint Hubert was his last residence.

His grave is in this place. Like for many other things, having a professional tour here is also advised so that you can learn more details and never miss something interesting that is related to one of the most popular figures in history.

5. Enjoy a Dinner in a Cave

If you are looking for something unique, another amazing thing that you can experience in Loire Valley is to dine in a cave that was built by human. Man-made caves are quite common in this area because the soil and rocks are perfect for underground structures. While the ambient is the main reason for most people to visit this place, you will have a chance to taste some of the best French recipes.

6. Visit Chateau Chambord


The best part about this place is the combination of activities that you can choose. There are many attractions, and you can choose boat rides, horse riding, cycling, golfing, hiking, and more. In addition, there are many festivals in this place, and you should check out the dates to schedule the right moment to visit it. All hotels are designed in the gothic style, and there is even a place with a Michelin star called La Maison d’a Cote.

Another place you should not miss is the Chateau Chenonceau, France’s most popular castle. It is nearly 1,000 years old. The design is incredible and unique. Also, it serves as a template for many castles that were built later in the same region. There are many activities to choose around the castle as well. You should visit the gardens, gallery, wine cellars, and Donkey Park.

Last Words

As you can see, there are numerous things you can see and experience in this place. Therefore, it is up to your preferences when making the right choice. Consider the time you can spend there as a very important factor since you won’t be able to see many different places in one day. Still, many of them are quite close to Paris, and if you stay there for a couple of days, it will make your trip much more interesting.

In the end, organized tours are the best option because they will guide you through the most interesting parts of Loire Valley and tell you many amazing stories about the history if this place.